Friday, 22 November 2013

What was in my mother's house?

My mum, Lily Elsie Burrows Zant

Over time I want to go through all of the genealogical 'goodies' that I found when I was clearing my mum's house. I have them stored away at the moment, waiting until I find time to look at them all. This time is not going to happen unless I make a commitment! So here goes.

Dad's Religious Book
One of the first finds was a book entitled 'Before The Altar'. Somewhat surprised, I opened it to see what exactly it was, as neither of my parents were particularly religious.
Before The Altar is subtitled 'The Devout Christian's Manual' a summary of faith, instructions, morning and night prayers and questions for self-examination. Weirder and weirder!
There is an inscription on the back of the cover; "To Harry- in memory of your Confirmation-Whitsunday 1942 and first Communion May 31st 1942, from Herbert J. Hanasley.

So who was Herbert J Hanasley?

I seem to have vague memories of mum saying that dad was confirmed whilst at The Colony at Chalfont St. Peter and Herbert was the organist at the church. 
I think that The Colony was a sort of hospital that treated epileptics. I remember as a child being taken to the Sports Day each year, so that dad could catch up with his friends.

I need to find the church, find a record of organists, check up on The Colony at Chalfont St Peters, (do they have medical records?)

So any other suggestions?