Friday, 22 November 2013

What was in my mother's house?

My mum, Lily Elsie Burrows Zant

Over time I want to go through all of the genealogical 'goodies' that I found when I was clearing my mum's house. I have them stored away at the moment, waiting until I find time to look at them all. This time is not going to happen unless I make a commitment! So here goes.

Dad's Religious Book
One of the first finds was a book entitled 'Before The Altar'. Somewhat surprised, I opened it to see what exactly it was, as neither of my parents were particularly religious.
Before The Altar is subtitled 'The Devout Christian's Manual' a summary of faith, instructions, morning and night prayers and questions for self-examination. Weirder and weirder!
There is an inscription on the back of the cover; "To Harry- in memory of your Confirmation-Whitsunday 1942 and first Communion May 31st 1942, from Herbert J. Hanasley.

So who was Herbert J Hanasley?

I seem to have vague memories of mum saying that dad was confirmed whilst at The Colony at Chalfont St. Peter and Herbert was the organist at the church. 
I think that The Colony was a sort of hospital that treated epileptics. I remember as a child being taken to the Sports Day each year, so that dad could catch up with his friends.

I need to find the church, find a record of organists, check up on The Colony at Chalfont St Peters, (do they have medical records?)

So any other suggestions?


  1. Don't look over your shoulder, Brenda, you're being followed.

    Welcome to the world of geneablogging, I'll be following via my RSS feed.

    1. Now I'm scared, Jill! Have to make sure I reach high standards, with a professional blogger watching me! :-)

  2. You could have a look on here there may be some kind local who will check out what you need

  3. Thanks Hilary, just the sort of ideas that I need. Going to do that right now.